About Just Adventure Nepal

Just Adventure: Our belief in the fact that life is ‘Just Adventure’…or nothing…

Our Story…We’re ex-defense personnel…and we want to give you a true sense of what real adventure is…please read on:

Just Adventure Nepal Limited’ has been launched and owned by an ex British Gurkha army personnel settled in the United Kingdom and served in the legendary Gurkha regiments of the British defense forces for almost two decades. Known to be some of the best soldiers in the world, the gritty Gurkhas sit on a history of two centuries of tradition in Service, Loyalty, and Excellence, and this is exactly how and why ‘Just Adventure Nepal’ took shape. Born and raised in the laps of the mighty Himalayas, the rigid training and professional skills learnt over the years in the forces has now become the very pillars of jungle and mountain wilderness adventure of an exceptional kind that created our destiny for what it is today – Just Adventure Nepal - inviting like-minded spirited travelers to join us in participating on a journey of exploring the unknown from the known.

We enjoy sharing our experience of the trails in the areas we hike across. This enables us to take our guests on many off-the-beaten paths that have fewer tourists on the trails.

Our team of guides, sherpa, porters, and cooks are locally recruited and many of them were born in the areas you trek in; our guests are given a standard of service and care that ensures safety without forgetting the fun, camaraderie, and spirit of thrilling adventure. We are proud of the detailed planning that goes into preparing your vacations, sometimes months in advance prior to your arrival in Nepal.

We show you the real Himalayan world for what it is and do not pass by rugged isolated spots that would otherwise be ignored by others; because this helps you to understand the beauty within certain remote regions where the local folks live by traditions unknown to the known world. The Himalayas are a part of self-discovery if you dare to venture into unexplored zones, displaying before you a kind of a beauty you would hardly have imagined…at Just Adventure Nepal…our journeys cut across borders and go into the neighboring Himalayan countries of Tibet and Bhutan where the landscapes are similar, but the cultures vary and are dissimilar in characteristic, energizing your interests and experiences even more; we simply want to show you a world you’ve never known, a world where mystifying cultures, ancient traditions, and determined village folks welcome you with a warm smile on the mountains, despite the harsh conditions they survive in, will perhaps, influence the way you look at life, for a better world…and a hopeful future…

Options that make it easy for you to make a choice

We’ve thought of everything to ensure there’s an array of destinations to suit your tastes; our departure dates are flexible and the holiday options with the personalized services attached there’s something for all age levels and budgets – you can be assured there’s something for everyone to enjoy a vacation with lasting memories…at Just Adventure Nepal, experience has taught us to understand human nature where it matters most…


The kind of residential options we offer you are meant to give you that special bliss that only comes when you are at your own home. They can range from village homesteads in the mid-hills and comfortable hotels reputed for their services; you can also find your self sleeping moored under the stars in a tent on the banks of a rushing river; or a cosy teahouse lodge above 3000m where you sip some piping hot coffee as you gaze out of your window at the snowy mountains that you passed by the other day; the aim is to offer you realistic wilderness experiences that blend well with the local nature and spirit of your adventurous journey…

Optional issues related to your ‘Privacy’ that respects your space

We thoroughly understand human nature and realize that some folks, no matter where they travel, will always want something like ‘My Own Room’ facility and this has led us to offer our guests this special facility without the high cost that generally comes as a ‘single supplement’ which is expensive so we arrange your own private room making sure that the cost doesn’t hurt your pockets.

Being Flexible to suit your Independence

We know you enjoy the freedom and there are times when you simply want to be ‘footloose and fancy-free’’. You may want to just wander off to a bar to chill out, or just go to a café to enjoy your cupper coffee and catch up on your favorite novel, on the trail you may want to go to some spot all by yourself; without disturbing the focus related to your actual program, we allow you enough space to do your favorite things your way, nurturing your independence the way it should be…

Your Safety

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. So when it comes to keeping the overheads of our tips low, safety is the one area in which we simply do not compromise. All our guides and porters are selected based on their technical proficiency, proven safety records, impeccable judgment, their friendly demeanor and their ability to provide helpful and knowledgeable instructions. They are also highly professional and well trained in first aid and personal protection equipment. We also make sure that first aid kits are available on all trips and happily provide oxygen cylinders and PAC Bags upon request (payable). Furthermore, the itineraries are ideally designed to give you enough time for acclimatization. 

Balancing the cost & the values

It’s our firm belief that a great travel experience needn’t be expensive; we don’t have any hidden prices and even sometimes provide break-downs of our costs to give our clients options to fit in prices with their budgets. Wherever feasible, we go the mile to offer highly competent prices to make sure our clients don’t feel the pinch because this is what spoils an otherwise good vacation. Our down-to-earth costing is based on a lot of our own research to make traveling more affordable and give you a holiday that exceeded your expectations with a price that was win-win for both of us…

Responsible Travel…Its time to be realistic

At Just Adventure Nepal Limited, we are committed to Responsible Tourism under guidelines and policies which cover all the founding principles of our business, making sure all our holidays are undertaken in a way which is communally, environmentally and culturally sound. Environmental consciousness remains at the very base of everything we do as an outdoor tour operator.

It’s our company policy to make sure all our holidays benefit the local communities, safeguard the environment by minimizing pollution, and respect local traditions, religion, and heritage. We tread gently – without being loud, fewer impact holidays are a simple way of preserving the lovely and fragile places we visit.

For us, Responsible Tourism is practice what you preach and is more than just policies. We always offer something substantial back to the communities we visit. It could be a donation to a school or providing medicines to a health post located in the area, and there are times when we provide poor orphaned students with annual scholarships for a good education.

Our Philosophy

We generally avoid trails and areas that are clogged by tourists and seek to submerge our clients in the rich culture of the countries we visit. It's our sincere endeavor to create a balance between predictable sightseeing and genuine contact with local people and families, perhaps even share a meal with them, especially in areas we trek to.

Plan your holidays with Just Adventure Nepal… and get as close to real life and nature as possible (this is where you find the true meaning of Peace)…while discovering a different world you perhaps, never knew was there…